You’re So Good!

JD-PianoDo you have a talent? Has anyone walked over to you and said, “You’re so good!”? That happened to me a lot of times. And normally, I just say a kind “Thank you!” But today I learned a very important lesson that I will never forget, ever.

Have you ever wondered where or whom did your talent or gift come from? Here’s a direct answer.

It comes from God.

God gave us these talents, and He gave them to us for a reason. That’s why, in everything we do with our talents or skills, we must give Him glory. He’s the real One to thank.

So every time somebody tells you that same thing… “You’re so good!” Remember to point to Him and say, “Thank God.”

And if anyone ever criticizes you or tells you things that might make you feel discouraged, just remember whose side you are on, your Heavenly Father’s.

If you have a talent, thank God for it now and use it to give Him glory, no matter what talent you have. And you’ll put a smile on His face.

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  1. Keilae says:

    Great work! Keep on going!

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