Why Filipinos Migrate

Do you know a friend or a relative who has migrated to another country? I’m sure you do, and so do I.

Let me share this certain story out of many others, because in it are two of the closest immigrants I know. I have two best friends and their names are Abi and Mia. We were so close, we went to each other’s houses often, we had sleepovers, we talked, played, laughed and cried together. Sadly, time flies by so quickly that you don’t even notice. They flew to the United States in 2015. It was extremely difficult because they had been my friends since I was a toddler. This work is mostly inspired by them.


Kids Army


I remember the moment at the airport; when their plane was about to leave, when we said bye. It was really sad because we didn’t know when we would see them again. They are still there in the US right now, and I want to say hello and greet them because I really, really miss them. The worst part about is that it’s hard to communicate to each other because of how the world turns, as you know. Because when we’re sleeping here it’s day there, and when they’re sleeping it’s the middle of the afternoon in the United States.

We are currently praying to God about visiting them, and it is really exciting. I can’t wait to see how big they’ve grown, how mature they have become, and how much they have changed. But I can’t help being a little sad because I remember the old times when we were all small.

They, along with some of my other friends or relatives who have gone to another country, and even the ones who haven’t; have inspired me to write my Friendship Song. It shows how important the value of having a friend is, that the true friends will keep their bond intact, even at opposite sides of our big blue ball. Friendship is really a thing to cherish, to love, and to treasure. It is more precious than gold and diamond, yet a single smile can start a new one.

I have other friends too, still here in the Philippines. They also cheer me up when I’m sad, calm me down when I’m frustrated about something. Sometimes we argue, of course. We all are not perfect. Nothing is perfect (except God), including friendship. But who says that matters?

And that’s why I thought it deserves its own song.



I also have a few cousins – they used to stay in Nepal but have now moved to Armenia. It’s not that bad, because the time zones are not really far apart, so I get to communicate with them everyday. They come back every year anyways. But I still miss them when they are gone.

And did you know that the number of Filipino OFWs in 2016 was around 2.2 million? This proves that Filipinos love to explore other countries for new opportunities, when it comes to school, jobs, and most of all, food! I mean, adobo isn’t spicy right?

Just kidding.

Anyway, migration has become a part of our culture. That feeling of wanderlust has been running in the blood of Filipinos. “Yes our Philippines is beautiful, with the underground rivers and lagoons and beaches and more amazing things, but it’s time to explore the rest of the world and see stuff we’ve never seen before!”

The first reason I think why Filipinos like to migrate is because the Christian ones, including myself, want to preach the Gospel. That is what missionaries do. As the Bible instructs:

Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. –Mark 16:15

Another reason is probably because some of the Filipinos need to get better jobs or possibly even start a business in another country. If you know a person who lives abroad, this is probably the reason: so they can work for the family.

The next reason is maybe because one of their kids wants to go to a professional college, like Harvard or the quality ones in Singapore. Mom and Dad, not sure about that yet, can it just be UST?

The last but not least reason I think why is because one or more of their family members lives in another country. This is exactly the reason why Abi and Mia left, because their dad’s family lived in United States.

Of all the reasons why, travelling has become part of our Filipino culture. There is always the longing to explore other countries and learn their culture. Even I, want to travel as much as I could someday.

But I still have to decide where I want to go.

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  1. John Lovely says:

    Hi Jania,
    You are right. Some people migrate in order to provide a better future for their families. I hope to see you here soon…:)
    BTW, I really love the way you play the ukulele and the guitar and you have the voice of an angel! God Bless and say hi to your dad for me…:))

    Tito John.

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