The Story of the Pencils

One day, two pencils lived in a bookstore. They were happy and were showing off their sharpness and shininess to the other pencils.

“Hey, look at that short and dirty pencil over there!” said one of them.

They looked, and saw on the counter an old pencil, whose eraser was used up and had stains all over it. “Hey you!” said one of the pencils. “How dirty you are!” Then they laughed.

But the old pencil spoke, “Well, that doesn’t matter because I have fulfilled my purpose and I have been useful.”

“What do you mean?” said the two new pencils.

“I don’t care how I look. Even though I am old and dirty and bent, I am happy.

“You see, I was created by a pencil maker in this factory-like place. Before he put me in the box, he told me this.

“‘Remember, your job is not to be a shiny pencil showing off somewhere. Your purpose is to write, to be guided by Someone to make beautiful works.

“‘Sometimes you may go through a painful process called sharpening. But you must know that it will make you a sharper and better pencil. Now, off you go.’

“When I was young, I was not sold. I was taken by the owner of this shop to write important things.

“The lesson here, is, a purpose of a pencil is not to show off. A purpose of a pencil is to write.”

The two pencils understood, and they said sorry to the old pencil. When they were bought, they became useful and fulfilled their purpose.

What purpose does God have for you?

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