The Story of Strawberries

Strawberry LandAt Strawberry Land, the strawberries were all working, because it was Strawberry National Work Day. Well, not all, one was still a kid, you know. He went to the playground and saw nobody. He went to the Museum Of Strawberry History, but he saw nobody. At last he went to the office, and he saw everybody!

The Strawberry Office Inc; every strawberry worked there but when the little strawberry grew up he didn’t work there. So the strawberry went home and played video games. He went to the iMac Strawberry Gadget Center and bought an iPad. Just that moment….

He had to go to the restroom. But he couldn’t find one. Then he went to the office and saw the restroom. He went in. From now on, the strawberry worked in the office so he could go to the restroom when ever he liked.


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