The Good News

emptytombWhat is the true meaning of Easter?

Do you remember when Jesus died on the cross for us because He loved us so much and wanted to give us eternal life? Do you remember the last words he said?

“It is finished!”

What does he mean by this? Jesus wants us to know that the battle against sin and death is finished. We have claimed the victory and He has won the battle for us!

Here is more good news. Three days later, Jesus’ mother and aunt (Fact: They are both named Mary!) visited the tomb. They were surprised to find the stone that was covering the entrance rolled away. They also did not find the body of Jesus and were perplexed. An angel met them there and said, “Jesus is not here. He has risen.”

Mary and Mary shared the good news. Just like them, we can share the good news to others also: “Jesus has risen, and the tomb is empty up to now.”

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