The Giraffe’s iPad

There was a giraffe using the iPad that the zookeeper gave her. It was an iPad 2, so she liked it and she used it before lunch and dinner. She became too used to it and refused to eat sometimes so the zookeeper put it away then the giraffe cried. It was still a baby, though. Its mother was mad at the zookeeper, so the giraffe smacked the zookeeper in his ear. It was not too hard, because the giraffe realized why the zookeeper put it away because it was lunch time. Then the giraffe came to its baby and asked why she refused to eat. Then the baby said, “Because I was already using an app named ‘Eat!’” The mom said that was not real so the baby giraffe soon loved and ate real leaves. Not leaves in the iPad, of course.

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  1. John William says:

    This is nice Jania. Hope you make more I will be following you in writing soon

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