Stronger: My Bootcamp Experience

Have you guys ever went to bootcamp? I have, and let me tell you all about it.

We were all assigned into different teams. There were five: Red Knights, Orange Legionnaires (my team), Blue Samurai, Green Marines, and Black Rangers.

The Amazing Teams

I already knew some of my teammates from last year, because I was orange last year and we had won. We were really hoping to get two-in-a-row this year.

During praise, I remember waving our flashlights in the air, jumping and yelling. It was really fun. During worship, we would make our flashlights low on the floor so that we would see silhouettes of the people who were raising their hands and other things. But most of all, it felt really awesome to feel God’s presence.

At the sessions, we learned that we are in a battle, that God wants to use each of us as a weapon against the enemy. We also learned about God’s armor and weapons, how we can defend ourselves from the attacks of the devil, and do damage to the enemy.

Here are the armour and weapons of God:
• Belt of Truth
• Breastplate of Righteousness
• Shield of Faith
• Helmet of Salvation
• Shoes of the Gospel of Peace
• Sword of the Spirit

We also learned that we need to do what we have learned not only during bootcamp, but for the rest of our lives.

Team Devotional

During devotional with our team, we learned about S.O.A.P., which stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. We were taught how to use this in reading God’s Word, along with how important God’s Word is.

Now, let me tell you all about the War Games. The War Games are activities where the teams need to compete with each other. The first game was Crossing the River/Swamp. We needed to place 8 sheets of paper and cross a certain line on the floor. We got second place, with the first being Red Knights, and the last being Blue Samurai.

The next activity was Pass The Message. We had to memorize and pass a Bible verse through 7 people. The last person would write it down. Unfortunately, no team got a point, and the team who was closest to being correct was the Black Rangers.

But, on the bright side, we learned a new verse. It is:

“But seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” —Matthew 6:33

I still remember it up to now.

The third and final game was a water gun fight. Eight people wore these paper IDs, with all the other team colors. I was one of them. The objective of the game was to not let the other teams shoot their own color.


Our strategy was to squat in a circle and put our heads together so that the other teams couldn’t shoot their IDs. Fortunately, most of our ID’s stood standing, and only one ID had a giant hole in it.

After that, it was Free For All, and we all had fun shooting each other, then we went swimming. We couldn’t wait for tomorrow, when the winning team would be announced after the scores were calculated.

That night, we had Power-Up Night. It was really loud that covering your ears would barely help. I remember the part when the worship leader told us to scream, and that was the loudest part. But I didn’t care, I screamed as loud as I could too! I don’t know why but I felt so happy, I wanted to explode. So I just screamed and jumped. But by that time I was so exhausted.

Young Worshippers

Do you know how tired I was? During worship, when they were praying for us, they told us to close our eyes and bow our heads. I literally almost fell asleep and fell out of balance!

After Power-Up Night, we had a bonfire. I ate only one hotdog, they are just not my type. By that time, I was so tired I could just fall in bed.

But I was still excited for the announcements tomorrow, when they would announce the winning team.

The next day, after breakfast, we had announcements. We were so nervous and excited. We were covering our ears but dying to hear the winner. 2nd and 3rd place were tied! This was the first time that this happened. Everyone, including me was very surprised to hear this. The two teams who were tied for 3rd place were… (drum roll) BLUE SAMURAI AND GREEN MARINES!

We were very happy to hear this! We still had a chance of being first place.

It was the same for second place, except that the team who would not be announced was the winner. And the two teams who happened to be tied for 2nd place were… (drum roll) RED KNIGHTS AND BLACK RANGERS! (my brother’s team)

Do you know what that meant?


The Winning Team: Orange Legionnaires

We were so happy that we knocked all the chairs down and kicked them all over the place. I even remember standing on a chair and waving my orange bandana all around!

Honestly, it was pretty chaotic. But still, we were… Too happy to even describe it here! It felt so awesome to be part of orange again. We were the defending champions!

This excitement reached all the way to the bus ride. Speaking of the bus ride, I remember playing Uno and chess with my seat mates. Also, I remember this moment where a random bus passed by then I started dabbing and waving at the people there. It was so hilarious!

Finally, bootcamp had ended. It was a great experience overall. My favorite part was the War Games, although I enjoyed every single moment of it. After all, this bootcamp had really made me stronger!

Stronger in my faith. Stronger in the Word. And most of all, stronger in my relationship with God.

It’s an experience I will never forget!

The Bootcampers

Photo Credit: Kids Ministry
Video Credit: Beda Apostol

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