Pray Every Day

child-prayingWhen do you pray to God? Do you pray for an hour every Sunday? Or do you pray three times a day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

But did you know that God always wants to talk to you? He wants to tell you a lot of things. But how can He do that if you only pray each meal and every Sunday?

Also, God is always ready to hear your prayers. Whether you’re in the car, in church, eating, or even swimming- God is always ready.

So, pray to God as often as you can. It’s like talking to a friend. Tell Him about your joys. Tell Him about your sorrows. Tell Him about your problems and worries.

God doesn’t care where you are or when. He is always ready to hear your prayers and He wants to tell a lot of things to you. So what should you do?

Have your quiet time every day. Read your Bible and pray to God about anything you want to tell Him. He will also speak to you through His Word.

That’s just about it, but remember… Never stop praying!

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