Hey guys! I took some photos in Baguio, and I wanna show them to you. Enjoy!

I took a photo of this flower because it’s one of my favorite colors, magenta.


I took this photo of this strawberry because in Baguio, strawberries are one of their most produced products. They even have strawberry taho! (Taho is a Philippine snack food made of fresh soft/silken tofu, arnibal, and sago pearl. Source: Wikipedia) It also had a nice background of other strawberries.


I decided to take a photo of this since I love hot pink, especially if it’s mixed with white or black. It also had a very nice background.


There’s no need to ask why I took this photo of this sunflower… Because who wouldn’t? I also took it because there are so much sunflowers in Baguio. And the background is full of other sunflowers.


Another sunflower photo! But it’s from the top view this time. (why do photobomber sunflowers always go into background?!)

The photos were taken at Good Shepherd, in, of course, Baguio. I was happy I took it at that time of day because the lighting was very good.

Thanks! I’ll be taking more photos to send to you next time!

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