Obedience Matters

Obedience“This is a story about a girl and a boy that learns about obedience. I hope you enjoy it!”

One day Mark and Alison were having fun playing chess when their parents said they were leaving and told them not to go outside because it was raining.

“We hope you listen to us,” Mark and Alison’s dad said.

Then they left.

After this, Alison and Mark finished their chess game and looked out the window.Their neighbours were there, dancing in the rain. They were having so much fun.

“Do you think we should go outside?” Alison asked her brother.

“No, dad said not to.” Mark said.

“But it’s fun.” Alison really, really wanted to go out.

“I said no!” Mark warned his sister, “If you do I will tell Mom and Dad that you disobeyed.”

But the neighbours outside saw them and started teasing them. “Alison and Mark are scared to go outside! They are scaredy cats!” They laughed.

“I AM GOING!” Alison yelled. She walked to the door and Mark tried to stop her but she pushed him away.

While Alison was having fun in the rain, she and their neighbours teased Mark but he stayed calm and said nothing.

Until Alison got struck by a lightning bolt! Mark immediately called 911 and the ambulance was there to pick her up. He called his Mom and Dad and they went to the hospital.

At the hospital, Alison was healing.

“Sorry,” she cried.

“I warned you!” Mark sighed.

“It’s ok. Now you have learned your lesson.” Their mom smiled.

When Alison healed they all learned that obedience really matters. And they always obeyed their parents after that.


Obeying is the right thing to do. Disobedience can have serious consequences.

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