Monopoly and Faith

Lately, me and my family have started playing Monopoly at least once a week. It’s a really intriguing activity to play. The aim of the game is to buy as much as properties as you can, when others land on your properties they have to pay you, and vice versa. Every set of properties has a different color, and if you get all the properties of that color you have a full set and can strengthen it by adding more houses to it. The more houses you add, the more that players have to pay when they land on it. To win, you must be the last man standing. All of the others must be bankrupt for you to win. By landing on you or another person’s property multiple times, they will pay you or someone else enough to lose all their money.

One time me and family were playing it, and my brother had strong properties that had hotels and everything. If you landed on it, the rent was so high that it was likely that you would get bankrupt. Every time we went near it, we hoped we wouldn’t land there. It became a giant obstacle for everyone except my brother, in which case was earning a lot of money. (Truth is, I actually got bankrupt by his property. What a shame- haha just kidding.)

Life is similar, sometimes. We see a large obstacle or problem in our way. In these cases, some of us can worry and expect the worst. But what we should really do is pray and have faith in God. He is our Father and will protect us from any weapon caused by the enemy.

No weapon that is formed against you will prosper. –Isaiah 54:17

But in some cases, it’s not enough to trust God. Sometimes we really have to pray, meditate and declare the Word of God. If we don’t do anything and just trust God for everything, the results won’t be so good either. For example, you have a test coming up. Will you trust God to do everything so that you will pass or actually study for it? It would be a better choice to study for it and also pray and believe, because as it says in the Bible:

Faith without works is dead. –James 2:26

How important is faith exactly? What part does it take in our lives, and in our relationship with God? The truth is, there are many hard times in life. Problems that you have to face, difficult moments when it’s hard to trust God. Everyone goes through those. But here’s a fact: they can actually build and strengthen your faith. Here’s a story that I’ve heard before.

Farmer: Why is that sheep’s leg broken? Did it fall off a cliff?

Shepherd: No, I broke its leg.

Farmer: How cruel of you to break that sheep’s leg! 😠 Why did you do it?

Shepherd: I broke its leg because I want it to depend on me. I want it to need me and to cry for me when it needs help, to trust me.

God is sometimes like that good shepherd. He wants us to face difficulties and dillemas so we can be strong and ready in our faith and in our trust in Him. If life is all ups and no downs, then we won’t learn anything. A quote about that:

“A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.” —Unknown

Faith is trusting God. Trusting God that even though you land on three, four, or seven, hopefully not, you’ll have just enough money to pay rent and to not get bankrupt by your own brother.

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