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I attended a seminar the other day, called ‘Make Your Kid A Moneywise Investor’. It was hosted by Chinkee Tan and Christine Bersola, at the Oakwood Ortigas Ballroom.

Chinkee Tan talked about being content regardless of our situation. The reason people are unhappy is not because they don’t have much, not because of their stuff, but because they have an unhappy or complaining heart.

“Contentment makes a poor man rich, discontentment makes a rich man poor.” —Benjamin Franklin

He also said to never look at what others have, and to never compare yourself with others. It will only make you sad because you don’t have what they have, or proud because you have what they don’t have.

The next topic was failure. Have you ever failed before? I’m sure you have, everyone makes mistakes. But this is the good news— failure is GOOD! (Haha, but still give your best and don’t TRY to fail just because I said it’s good.)

But why? Firstly, failure reveals your true character. When you fail, you can give up, or keep going. Secondly, failure strengthens you emotionally.

Another point: You all know what IQ is, don’t you? Intelligence Quotient. All of us want a high IQ. It is important, but you know what’s really important?

Food! Just kidding. EQ, (Emotional Quotient) and AQ (Adversity Quotient.)

Did you know that most successful people never even finished their college degree? (This doesn’t give you an excuse, kids. Finish your college. LOL) Perhaps they had a low IQ, but it was their high EQ and AQ that made them successful.


“It doesn’t matter how much times you fail, it matters how much times you keep on trying.” —Unknown

He said that the goal is not to make our kids (a.k.a. me because I’m too young to have kids and yeah) happy, but to develop their character, attitude, and their heart.

The next topic: Savings Chart.

What is a savings chart exactly?

Write these words on your notebook or on paper. ‘What:’, ‘How:’, and ‘When:’.

What. Think about what you are saving for. Something you like? A gift? Write it in front of ‘What:’. Also state how much it is.


When. When do you want it? How many days or months from now?

How. How will you save for it? Save P1,000 a month? Save P30 a day? Calculate how much you’ll need to save every day, every week, or every month until you’ll just have enough money when you reach the ‘When’ date.

Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow. –Proverbs 13:11

You can paste it on your wall, put in on a whiteboard, or anything you want. That is what a savings chart is!

After a lot of slides, taking notes and listening, we had a break. There were a lot of snacks! (I gulped down three cups of milk.)

Then we continued with the seminar and at the end, they gave us a loot bag filled with goodies. I was glad that I attended because I learned a lot during the seminar, and now I know how to be a Moneywise Kid!

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With Chinkee Tan and my brother, John William

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