Meet Axel

So, I have been praying for a dog. I am a real animal lover, especially dogs.

I expected it to come on April 5.

But on April 1, my relative who was gonna give it to me, ate Kaye, called my mom without me knowing and said that she was giving the dog.

No wonder we rushed to the mall to buy all the things. I was surprised because normally we bought them one by one.

When we arrived home, I was very excited to unpack the stuff, because I thought it was 4 days until I got the dog.

I was just using gadgets on the sofa then my mom who came from my cousin’s house knocked on the door.

I opened the door without even looking, and I didn’t even notice that she was carrying… AXEL!

She said “Surprise!” And I looked up from my iPad and saw it!

I was so happy!

Anyways, let me tell you more about him.

He’s a brindle (brown/black) colored dachshund.

And let me tell you, he is such a cutie!

I named him Axel (you can tell by the title) and since April 1 he has been doing great. Praise God!

If you are also gonna get a dog, especially a dachshund, here are some tips I can share for first-time owners.

1. Before talking to the dog, teach it its name first by repeating it over and over. Do not say any other words to the dog if it still doesn’t know its name.

2. Dachshunds who are less than 5 months old tend to be very playful and love to scratch and chew? Remove all of the tiny crumbs, scraps, pieces of paper, plastic, and anything that is NOT FOOD from the floor.

3. When your dachshund is lying down upside down (when the stomach is showing) his back isn’t hurting. Don’t worry because that is completely normal.

4. Make sure to care for its ears and teeth. It is very important.

5. No matter what, don’t panic! Your dog can sense how you feel. It will also relax if you relax. If you panic it will also panic.

So that is it! Hoped it helped. Until next time.

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