Making Mistakes

Have you ever made mistakes? I bet everyone has. Except Jesus, of course.

When people make mistakes, they have two choices. Either to give up just because they made that mistake, or to keep on going. And when you make a mistake, you have to make that same choice too.

Don’t be one of those people who, at the slightest mistake, give up. They think life should be perfect.

They want life to be perfect. But really, it’s not. So instead, be one of those people who learn from their mistakes, and even sometimes, laugh at them. They know that they won’t repeat that same mistake again because they have learned from it.

Imagine you were in a marathon. And you tripped and fell. Would you give up? Because of that teeny tiny stumble? Of course not. You just tripped. Get up again!

I’ll simplify this: When you make mistakes, laugh about it, learn from it… And get up again.

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