Honesty Is Best

Honesty“Hi guys! I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, since I have been busy. I have a story here about honesty. Please enjoy!”

Emily was walking outside to play with her friends at the playground. She asked her mom if she could bring her phone to show to her friends. Her mom said yes, but be careful.

While Emily was playing with her friend at the playground, she left the phone on a bench til night. When she looked at the bench, it was gone!

“Oh no!” she thought. “My mom will be so mad!” She decided to tell her mom that her friend stole it.

That night she went home. When she saw her mom, she said, “Hi Emily. Where’s my phone?” Emily’s mom asked.

“My friend stole it! She borrowed it but didn’t return it!” Emily lied.

“Oh no! I have to contact her mom immediately!” Emily’s mom said and rushed to the phone.

‘Phew!’ Emily thought, relieved. She went to bed after eating supper.

The next morning Emily’s mom woke her up and said that her friend’s mom said that her friend did not steal the phone.

“Did you lie?” her mom asked.

“No!” Emily lied again standing up from her bed and running down the stairs to get ready for school.

Later when she was at the playground, she saw her friend.

“You lied about me! I didn’t steal the phone!” her friend ran back home crying.

When she went home she thought about it. Then she decided to tell her mom everything.

“Mom I put the phone on a bench and it got lost!” she wept.

“Oh so you lied,” her mom said. “It’s okay. Nobody is perfect. But next time I want you to know that telling the truth is the best. I think you should say sorry to your friend now.”

“Okay,” Emily said.

Tomorrow after school she did say sorry, and her friend did forgive her. After that she always told the truth, and nothing like that ever happened to her anymore.

Also, Emily found the phone on the slide in the playground. Her mom was also happy and they had a lot of happy days after that.


Lying can be very bad. Telling the truth is way better.

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