Hide And Seek

JdFriends“Lily just ate the pizza. Now we can play hide and seek.” Zoogey said. “While she’s resting, we can hide!” Zoogey finished. “I’m going to hide behind the tree.” said Ella. “She’ll never find me there.”And she did hide behind the tree. Next, it was Icy’s turn. Icy picked that he could hide in Zoogey’s shell. “Not there,” Zoogey said. “We wouldn’t fit.” Zoogey finished. “Aww,” Icy said.

Icy decided that he could hide in the bathroom. Zoogey said, “Not there, because Lily said after she rests, she will poo.” “Now where can I hide, maybe I’ll hide in the toy box.” Icy said. Zoogey said, “Ok, but don’t move.”

Then Icy hid in the toy box. Then it was Senju’s turn. “Does anybody have a purple bucket?” Senju said. “No,” Zoogey said. Lily was about to poo when everybody hid. Lily said,”Where is everybody?” Senju said, ” I don’t know.” Hmmm…..?!”

“I said where are theyyyyy?!!!” Lily said. “Hiding in the bathroom; I thought you said you wanna poo.” said Senju. “I already did,” said Lily. “BUT TELL ME WHERE THEY ARE!” Lily said. Senju said, ” Come out, everyone! ”

“Surprise!” they said. Lily was so shocked that she almost fell. “Did you poo yet? asked Ella. “No, I was just joking.” said Lily…… “???” said Senju. “You told me you pooed already; now you told me you did not, I’m already confused!”

All the pets giggled. Senju said,” Sorry!” All the pets laughed and they lived happily ever after.

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