Hello, Mr. President!


Here in the Philippines, it is almost election day. The television is full of commercials by the candidates encouraging people to vote for them.

“Vote for me! I’ll lower taxes”
“Vote for me! I’ll give your kids education.”
“Vote for me! I’ll bla blah bleh.”

Even though I’m just a kid and can’t vote, (But I wish I could) I care about the election. Why?

You know I don’t know much about politics and stuff like that. It’s complicated, but I still get a bit of it. But in my opinion, everyone, no matter what country, should care! They are going to be the ones to choose who will lead our country. We should pick the right person God has chosen for us to make a better country.

If there was someone who did not care about what was going on in their country, they are saying they don’t care for their country. But everyone should.

If there is an election going on wherever you live, pray for God’s guidance.

And pick the right president.

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  1. Ahnee says:

    Can I vote for you for president?! 🙂
    I agree with you Janea.. May you continue to use your freedom of speech to touch the lives of people and bring light to the nations!
    God bless you and God bless all the nations!

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