Happy Birthday, Mom!

joHappy birthday, Mom! Thank you for everything you do, the decisions and sacrifices you make to give me a better life. Thank you for loving me even though I make mistakes. Thanks for being my teacher also. Thank you for telling me and Kuya John how much God loves us. Thanks for taking care of me and Kuya, and loving Daddy. Thanks for homeschooling with us and also working for us. I hope that God will bless you on your birthday, and I hope you will enjoy it too. I pray that you will become a more godly woman. I love you very much and remember God loves you very much too.  –– Jania Dae

Happy 43rd birthday, Mom. We love you very much. Thank you for all the things and love you gave us. You are so special to me sometimes I dream about you. May you have good health and blessings all throughout your life. –– John  William



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