Happy Birthday, Abi!

AbiWhat is the best kind of friend? The best kind of friend is encouraging, loving, humble, kind, and trustworthy. How do I know all this? I know what the best kind of friend is because… I’ve got some, and one of those is you, Abi.

Thank you Abi for staying by our side. Thank you for the little things and big things you do for us. Thank you for letting us count on you. Kids Army is very happy to have you as our BFF. Because BFFs stay the same, no matter how far they go, even at they’re at the opposite sides of the world.

BFFs never give up on each other. They always find a way to stay connected. They always find a way to stay the same as BFFs. And you are a true BFF. I’m so blessed and happy to have you as my friend. I miss you so much and I’m happy that you are enjoying your time in the United States.

Have fun being 11 and most of all, Happy Birthday BFF Abi! I love you!

From your BFF,

Jania Dae ๐Ÿ’•

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