From Rise To Set (Poem)

It rises first, as the stars fade
As the glow fills the sky
A beautiful, a wonder filled
A great sight to the eye

As people start to rise with it
As birds start to fly
As the light is here, the dark is gone
As the moonlight says goodbye

It shines and shimmers, it lights up the sky
So that we may see
See flowers, plants, trees, clouds
See faces smiling with glee

See colors, see cats, see words, see plants
See butterflies, bumblebees
And most of all, so we can see
The world around us, wild and free

And finally, it comes back down
As everything becomes still
To watch the sun set like it rose
And continue to set, it will

The majestic sun, it wants to say
“Be here before dawn’s crack
Because if you really need me, don’t worry
Tomorrow I’ll be back.”

One response to “From Rise To Set (Poem)”

  1. Issa Adalia says:

    Awww, such a lovely poem, Jania! Keep writing more poetry!
    P.S. I love the “wonder filled” part 😉

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