Friendship Song

My second original – Friendship Song. Enjoy!


Verse 1
Hey, it’s just another day with you
But every second’s better than the past
Hey, I’m glad we are together
And I’m sure that this won’t end
I’m sure it’ll last forever

As time flies by
Memories are made
The world may change
But we’ll stay the same

I’ll stay by your side
You’ll stay by mine
Face the future together
Who knows what we might find

Verse 2
Hey, I just want to say
Thank you for everything you’ve done
Hey, oh I hope and pray
That it’s meant to be, guided by the One


Bridge x2
We aren’t perfect
We make mistakes
Ain’t the best of the best
But who says that matters

Chorus x2

2 responses to “Friendship Song”

  1. Joanna says:

    That is amazing! Hopefully you do more of those nice vids! <3

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