Don’t Be Afraid

CourageOne day, five-year old Karen and her family were going on a trip to the mountains to visit their cousin.

“I am so excited!” Karen exclaimed.

“We know, that’s why we are trying to get past this traffic!” Her dad tried to overtake a car.

When they arrived at the place, it was so nice. There were so many flowers and butterflies. Karen was so excited, so she ran as fast as she can. She turned around a corner and saw the worst sight ever. A long, high wooden bridge.

Karen hated bridges. Especially long and high ones. She was afraid of heights!

Then she saw her cousin waiting at the other side, with her pet puppy.

“How do I get across this? Can I just go around it?” Karen tried to talk her dad into going the long way which was around the mountain.

“But it will take long and we won’t have much time to play with your cousin,” Karen’s dad said.

“And this one is much easier to pass by. If you go around the mountain, there are a lot of rocks.” her mom finished.

“But-” Karen was looking at the bridge like she wanted to run away from it forever.

“Please,” her parents said.

“Oh, fine! But you have to hold me along the way!” Karen decided. But she was still a bit scared of the bridge.

“Ok, first step. Second step. There, next step,” Karen’s parents guided her to the middle of the bridge. Until… They suddenly let her go!

Karen was so frightened. She looked down. It was so high. She thought she was going to fall!

But she didn’t. She stayed on the bridge.

‘Huh? Why am I not falling?’ she thought.

Her parents read her mind.

“You are not falling because the bridge is here to support you!” Karen’s mom explained.

Karen took one step. Then another. She was walking on the bridge! She was so happy. She ran to the other side to greet her cousin. Her parents were so proud of her. She had faced her fear!

Karen had so much fun with her cousin that day.

Don’t be afraid of anything because God is there to help you when you need Him, just like the wooden bridge.

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