Checky the Chick’s Math Problems

Chick Island was in peace but Checky the Chick was having a hard time. She was trying to figure out the problem 1 + 6. The teacher hen told her that the sum was easy to figure out. “What comes after 6?” the teacher said. “8? 45? 62? 9? I’m not sure,” Checky said. “Oh, no, that’s too far,” the teacher said. “But your first and last answers were quite near.”  The teacher said, “I guess it is time for you worksheet.” She gave Checky a paper, where you had to unscramble the words. It said:

hkicc __________

neh ____________

hnouseeh _________________

rerosot ________________

gegs ____________

frmear _____________

Checky was very good at unscrambling words. It took her 2 minutes to answer all of the words. Her answers were:







The teacher gave her a 10 out of 10! She was correct! “I would rather prefer unscrambling then math,” she whispered in the teacher’s ear. She chirped. She was happy. From now on, she didn’t just improve on her unscrambling, she also improved in math!


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