Being Kind

Horse01“Hello! I am sick but I have something else for you now. It’s a story about kindness. I hope you enjoy!”

A horse lived in a farm once. It’s owner was mean and cruel. If the horse made a mistake, he whipped it very strongly using a very sharp whip. He only gave it worms to eat, and he scolded it regularly, even though it did nothing.

One day, the horse decided to teach him a lesson. A special guest was coming and the horse’s owner told the horse sternly to behave for the guest would tour the farm. The horse pretended to agree, but it had a new stratagem.

When the day of the arrival of the special guest came, the horse was dressed and was attached to a carriage. It was saddled also.

But when the guest arrived, the horse did something surprising! It attacked the guest!

Its owner whipped it several times, kicked it, and scolded it, yelling. The guest saw what was happening and stopped him. Then he said something very surprising. “Let me buy the horse. He is better with me because you treat him like that.”

The owner finally learned his lesson. He became more kind to the horse and they both became happy, also with the visit of the guest who decided to stay a few more nights.

After he left, the farm prospered and it lasted for generations and generations. Even now, it is said to be still here. The horse mated and made a lot of babies, and the farmer’s sons took very well care of the farm. They lived very happy after that.


If you be kind, everyone will be happy.

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