Are You Sure?

One morning, Lily & Gina were eating breakfast, until….. Bbbbboooommmmm! Lily asked what that was. Gina said, “Oh, sorry… That was just my alarm clock- I forgot to change the ringtone.” Lily said she was going to have a party tonight. She also invited Zoogey, Zoe, & Finny. She gave them an invitation that said, “Come to our party! Food! Fun! From Lily and Gina. Thank you! Come to our house, giraffe cozy town, 15th street.” Gina, after she ate got the food and decorations ready. Lily yawned and noticed something wrong. Gina was putting the wrong banners.

Lily asked Gina, “Are you sure it must be this color?” and Gina asked, “Are you sure I must change this?” Soon the doorbell rang. It was a delivery of two pizzas, spaghetti, chicken, and mac & cheese. Lily set the table, while Gina changed the banners. Lily bought ice cream, while Gina got some drinks. The house was ready. Ten seconds after that, the doorbell rang. It was Zoogey and Zoe, and Finny. The first thing Finny said was, “Any fish food?” Lily said, “Yeah.” They were happy to see the table. Gina got a radio & a flashlight. Then they were ready to party!

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