My name is Jania Dae, and I’m a girl from Philippines who loves music, art, blogging, photography, poetry, storytelling, and whole lot more. I’m part of the global homeschooling community, and my favorite subjects are Math, Science, Language, and Reading. My favorite color is hot pink. I go to church at Victory. I have a lot of friends there.

I love books and everything inside them. My book dream is to read the whole Narnia and Harry Potter series. (Haha!)

I know 4 musical instruments, piano, guitar, ukulele, and a bit of violin. The first instrument I learned was piano. I used to go to piano class, but I learned guitar and ukulele by myself. Now, I’m taking a bit of violin class. I’m also very good at singing.

I have a brother named John. He’s older than me. I call him Kuya (which means ‘older brother’ in Filipino). Sometimes we fight, but we always get over it. My brother plays piano and guitar, and he went to both classes. But he’s a master at weather, and he knows every single thing I don’t know about it. (He wants to be a meteorologist.)

I also have a lot of friends, and most of them are in a group called Kids Army. Two of them, Abi and Mia, were my first best friends. Their mom was my mom’s best friend.

Our other friends, Keila, Kari, Bea, and David joined the group after that, and all of us have become very close ever since. Even after Abi and Mia moved to the United States, we still communicate using social media. (For example: Messenger)

My sports hobbies are roller skating and penny boarding. I learned roller skating in early 2015, and I got my penny board in late 2015 (Mom and Dad gave it to me for a Christmas surprise.)

I know how to ride a horse and I loved horseback riding when I tried it in Baguio, but when we went back home I didn’t have much chances of horseback riding since there were not much horses where we lived.

I have so many things that I wanna be when I grow up. I wanna be a musician, singer, veterinarian, scientist, artist, inventor, or an engineer. And, I think there’s a whole lot more. But I’ll just do what God wants me to do.

I hope you will find my website interesting, inspiring, fun, and most of all, I hope you’ll enjoy!  😃