5 Ways to Get Inspiration When Writing

I like blank canvases. Every time I get something new, like a notebook, (they look so good, clean and satisfying when new), I still just can’t help getting a pen and starting a new chapter on this thing. But before the tip of the pen can touch the paper, I don’t know what to write on it. What will it be about?

Sometimes, our mind is completely blank. The worst part is, when we try not to think about things, ideas come rushing in, and when the time comes to actually use those ideas, all of them vanish in a quick flash. Just, boom, they’re gone in a thousandth of a second. And we try to brainstorm, but for some reason, the harder you try, the worse it becomes.

And now, how do you get them back? How do you make new ones? Blank canvases are great, but they are useless without the paints. You need inspiration. So, here are five simple tips and techniques to get rid of the big block in your head and get it running smoothly, let the words just flow, and finish your work in a second.

1. Read

Whether it’s a novel, an article, or a poem, inspiration mostly comes from reading. You don’t have to write exactly or almost like what they say, but you can take some words, phrases, or concepts from the work. Mix it up with some original stuff, some puns, and some oomph, and you’ve got a great result.


2. Ask for help

You can ask your friends, family, or anyone that is available to help you. You can both brainstorm together, and he or she can give you some cool ideas that can improve your work. They can also correct your grammar mistakes and/or typos. But make sure that they are only helping you and are not some sort of distraction, because you just might get a new conversation started and forget about everything.


3. Focus

Sometimes we are just distracted. Head in the clouds or multitasking, this won’t get the work done. Either do the other activity first, if it’s a priority, or write first. A tip is, get your focus on, read what you’ve done so far, and then it will flow from there. If you haven’t started yet, then focus on what you are trying to write and the things you are trying to conceptualize.


4. Jot down your ideas

This is for the times when you’re not writing, but are struck with a cool idea. Jot that down so you won’t forget it, so that when you are writing, you have a list of ideas. You can also include some quotes, phrases, or anything that can be a big part of the writing.


5. Don’t panic!

If none of the techniques above work, if you’ve tried everything, if it’s due in 7 hours, don’t tear up and be stressed about it. Get into a comfortable position. Stir up your favorite drink and/or prepare your favorite bag of chips. Listen to your favorite music, and take a chill pill of anything that relaxes you. Before you know it, the brainstorm will be heading your way.


Writing can sometimes be hard. But the great thing about it is that everyone can do it. Some people believe that the ability to write is rare, that it comes from natural talent and only that. The truth is, though, that writing can be developed by anyone, if they enjoy and love what they are writing. If you believe you can write, then you certainly can.

“A nation will be remembered through the years not by its readers, but by its writers. Not by its listeners, but by its speakers.”


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